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So it finally arrived!  My coolest new piece of jewelery: a nursing necklace all the way from Estonia! Nursing necklaces are beautiful handmade creations found all over Etsy and the like, intended for mums to wear and babies to play with as they nurse.  They usually also double as teething toys and are made out of organic and/or natural materials like wool, organic cotton, and different kinds of smooth wooden beads.
As Dr. Sears says of babies 0-3 months old, “Keep those curiously grasping hands busy“!  As Alice has been grabbing everything from my shirt to my food, I’ve been pushing things away from her like my glass so she doesn’t spill it, and my sweater so it doesn’t come between her and the boob (babies don’t seem to understand that then get mad when they disconnect themselves by pulling a sweater wall between them and the food!) but then I realized…. Babies need texture!  This is the time where it’s all about pruning those synapses between neurons in the brain, and ideally you want baby to maintain as many of them as possible.  It’s a use-it-or-lose it phenomenon, so let them explore as many textures as possible. As for Alice that meant letting her grab fresh flowers and pulling out chunks of petals, grabbing my olive-oil coated rice, and now grabbing onto this necklace as she nurses.
And, as Dr. Sears also says, “From fingers to toys, babies love to taste everything they can get their hands on. Encourage your baby to explore objects with all his senses.”  So choose wisely when buying your nursing necklace and ensure the materials are mouth-friendly!  There are so many options from different types of stones to juniper, apple or olive wood, to silks, organic cotton and wool.
Also I think these make great baby shower gifts.  So unique and interesting!  Here are some I really enjoy that might make a great gift for a mum you know.  Happy Weekend :)

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