comparison factory mohair weft and hand washed angora goat mohair, alpaca and sheep locks

now I have a factory mohair weft and hand washed angora goat mohair. and I can compare
What can I say?
the factory wefted mohair - is very easy to use, they are loved by many masters. they sims natural, curls will remain for a long time. I feel - like a very tough human hair.
You can wash, comb.
factory wefted curly mohair
angora mohair curls from LaFiabaRussa - fiber is thicker than the classic mohair This premium quality of fiber - soft and silky. is selected adult mohair.
is organic. I do not use strong chemicals.
Number of very limited. and the high price.
it is well combed and is not to be matted on the doll's hair, provided that comply with the direction - the hair roots from the head and ends at the bottom.
You can wash, comb, curl.
mohair curls a lot of work, but they are worth.

hand washed, hand dyed and combed LaFiabaRussa mohair
I am glad that I can offer you both.
longwool breed sheep -teeswater, wensleydale, massam, lincoln, leister
it is soft, lustrous fiber. natural curls.
You can use or combed curls. combed hair on gaming dolls matted.
doll made by LaFiabaRussa , hair from wensleydale sheep locks
doll whith hair from teeswater long wool

suri alpacas.
very fine fiber, feels like silk.
I do not recommend for playing dolls combed fiber. it is suitable for collectible dolls. or use locks.
combed alpaca suri locks


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La Libera Associazione Culturale Steineriana il Dondolo

è lieta di comunicare la prossima apertura a settembre 2016 dello spazio giochi per bambini dai 3 ai 6 anni in Lodi, zona San Bassiano.

Chi fosse interessato per iscrizioni o ulteriori informazioni ci può contattare

Vi preghiamo di inoltrare questa informazione a chi pensate possa essere interessato.

Comunicheremo presto le prossime iniziative dell'associazione per l'anno scolastico 2016-2017


scuola waldorf Lodi, il nostro asilo steineriano si sposta da Villanterio a Lodi, spazio giochi aperto ai bambini dai 3 ai 6 anni, pedagogia alternativa, crescere bambini, spazio gioco a Lodi, pedagogia steineriana a lodi, 


new product - premium quality mohair locks on the pelt

I am pleased to offer a new product - premium quality mohair locks on the pelt. 

more photos in my page
I am pleased to offer a new product - premium quality mohair locks on the pelt.
I was lucky enough to buy one skin angora goat with long ringlets stretched 18-25 cm
I made the first Science Experiment for coloring hair.
I hope you will enjoy.
you can sew leather wig on the doll on your size
cut the skin into strips and sewn / glued to the head, or just cut the hair from the skin, getting well aligned roots
Now you can buy these hair right there.
written by size and price under each photo.


Эстафета S.N.A.I.L. - Мягкая радость

Это не я. Честно. Это всё Владислав придумал.

а я эстафету приняла от Natalia Sha  
1. Название эстафеты, аббревиатура S.N.A.I.L. (пер. с англ. яз.: УЛИТКА), являет собой образное воплощение её основной цели – продемонстрировать спираль творческого развития. В развёрнутом виде оно определяет основной формат акции – «Salient and Notable Artworks: an Illustrated List» (пер. с англ. яз.: «Иллюстрированный перечень характерных и знаменательных творческих работ»).

2.  Для участия в эстафете необходимо представить специальную подборку фотоснимков авторских работ («арт-улитку»). Представленные в «арт-улитке» ПРОИЗВЕДЕНИЯ ДОЛЖНЫ БЫТЬ ОБЪЕДИНЕНЫ ЕДИНОЙ ТЕМОЙ ИЛИ ПЕРСОНАЖЕМ, но при этом в них должны отражаться различные творческие периоды, которые обладают характерными отличительными признаками. Не следует включать в подборку «апекс», то есть самые ранние работы, выполненные на этапе обучения.

3.  При желании и необходимости, приветствуется нумерация фотоснимков, а также сопроводительная информация с краткими пояснениями.

4.   В имени «арт-улитки» следует отразить тему подборки.

5.  «Арт-улитка» публикуется в социальных сетях и сопровождается специальными хэштегами эстафеты (#ArtSnail, #АртУлитка), а также хэштегом, отражающим тему предлагаемой подборки (#ВашаТема).

6. Одновременно с публикацией «арт-улитки» производится «передача эстафеты» путём соответствующего обращения к другому автору, чья «раковина» Вам небезынтересна.

7.  Для разъяснения новым участникам особенностей и правил эстафеты «S.N.A.I.L.» приветствуется соответствующая ссылка на данную страницу.

тема разные куклы выполненные из шерсти и хлопка
1. Адам и Ева, 2009 год

2. 2010 Дебора
очень люблю эту куклу. хочется повторить

3. Золушка 2011
серия кукол в войлочных платьях

4. начала коллекцию кукол - новорожденных
2012 г
5. Радость
яркая нарядная кукла 2012

6. Анита. 2013 год
7, Солнышко
моя первая кукла с волосами из локонов
8. Анжелика. 2014

9- 2015 и вот она - Мирабелла
кукла с лицом, проработанным иголочкой

фотографии вытащены с сайта


combed mohair locks for doll hair

some new extra long fiber (8 - 11 in) long mohair doll hair in stock in my etsy shop today. shop is open until 29 June


waldorf doll for baby back to my shop

waldorf doll for baby back to my shop. I'll be glad to make an custom doll to your order. many colors. 
manufacture of 7- 20 days period.
note - I take orders until 25 June

soon in my shop

I continue to work on new dolls for kids

Teething waldorf baby gnome one toy for kids from 0 yers.
classic waldorf  doll for baby,
The first toy for baby made to order for you.

All materials new and are pre-washed, ready for the game toy

This baby doll is very soft and very flexible.
 The head is modelled in the Waldorf traditional style and in oeko-tex jersey.
Made of cotton 80% cotton velour,
 It is filled with carded organic wool.
There's a noise maker  securely sewn in his body.

Every doll is unique.
Your doll can seem lightly different from the ones photographed above.

Every doll measures 7-8 inches in height approximately + hat.


new rainbow mohair combed locks

rainbow mohair hair - combed locks purple and pink roots for feroot, spinning, felting  is ready to ship
high quality silk mohair.
length of 22 - 25 cm


mohair for dolls hair in pretty colors - the garden of parrots

my new doll hair collection in combed mohair - the garden of parrots
So, I'm inspired after visiting a pet store that I painted the mohair locks.

this is combed mohair locks ready to ship
mohair for dolls hair 
this is silky, very long, shinky well smell nice combed mohair fiber from the best angora adult goat.
it is very well suited to the hair in any dolls: Blythe, pukifee, reborn, waldorf, pullip, neemo, bjd, reborn. as do you like  technique reroot or doll wig. 
or do you like spin it for doll hair, your coat or home decor? why not?

 I really love these bright cheerful birds.and I confess, always give preference to blue parrot


doll hair from real mohair is the best!

I think the best natural fiber for doll hair - mohair.
but not just mohair only mohair locks, 
carefully washed and combed. dyed on natural color
Be sure to keep the direction of the hair - the top of the roots, and bottom - ends.
to this day, I enjoy working with my new mohair locks from angora goat. it is so silky and bright
This curls specially selected and grown for me .
length - 20-25 cm.
I am pleased to make out the strands of mohair, i thinking of how these curls wearing angora goat, 
washed tresses - meditative work, I like to do it when no one interferes, and only draw on curls - just a fairy tale.
I can only assume that will eventually merge and flow of paint from one another. I love the process and result
because I want to, because I see my world today. rainbow, blue sea, the color of wild blooming fields ...
I can draw only a small Number of curls every time.
and each time it will be a new design, new color ...
Doll, who will have the hair will be very different and not repeatable.

rainbow doll hair real combed mohair

blue shades doll hair - combed mohair locks

some other photo in my page


My Child doll Vintage Mattel

Today, my sister in law brought me a doll.
MyChild doll Vintage Mattel 1988

it was the doll her daughter, which she received as a gift for 5 years.
very cute doll. but what kind of doll?
Thank you my friend, I learned many interesting things about this doll.
once on her facebook, I saw photos of this doll here, so I immediately she asked.
it turned out that I had My Child doll Vintage Mattel, made in 1988, a very rare doll. All this is only on the picture told a friend of mine.
what a surprise!
Doll is well preserved. She lived on a bookshelf, and it looks like coming down with it is extremely rare.

MyChild doll my love Vintage Mattel

I washed her hair and face, wash our clothes.
now waiting for what will happen after drying.



look what today is dried in the sun - lavender mohair

look what today is dried in the sun -lavender mohair in locks for doll hair
nice long, silky , soft yang angora goat fiber


Tiger on a flower

one beautiful sunny morning, I discovered on nashy lavender here is to create.
pretty hungry, I must say. a butterfly flitting from flower to flower quickly working its proboscis
I wonder what it's called -Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio glaucus)?

it is a symbol of our life.
I want to mention here the white stripe is greater than black.
then everything will be just fine!

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